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Sales Manager Transformation Boot Camp

What Every Sales Manager Should Know About How to Achieve Consistent Sales Growth

As a Sales Manager — today, more than ever, your team’s sales performance can get side swiped by things that seem to be out of your control. The marketplace is more competitive and changing faster than ever. Many buyers are fickle and apply heavy pressure on your sellers for the “bottom line price” (often at a deal that is not worth taking). Maybe your team is just not performing at the level you really need, or know, they should achieve.

Would you like to solve any of these 8 biggest selling problems?

  1. Low Sales Performance” Our sales team is not hitting their numbers — again!”
  2. Lost Accounts” Lost accounts are killing us! It’s like two steps forward and one back!”
  3. Slipping Margins” Our profits are getting hammered. It’s a dog-eat-dog price war and my salespeople cannot seem to get their margins where we need them.”
  4. “Commodity” Selling (Transactional Selling) “Our sales approach is turning us into a commodity! We are too focused on just getting orders and not focused enough on building relationships. It is costing us in margins and customer loyalty.”
  5. Tough to Find Good People” We can’t seem to attract and hire solid sales talent for our team.”
  6. Lousy Team Culture” Our sellers are turning into whiny complainers that blame everything else… from the economy to the competition for their sub-par results.”
  7. Low Performers” We have too many ‘dogs’ on our sales force. We know (and they know) that they’re not making the grade, and yet, we do nothing about it.”
  8. Can’t Predict Sales Accurately” We don’t have a consistent business acquisition and retention/growth strategy and can’t accurately predict our sales growth.

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Smart Selling: Double Your Conversion Rates NOW!! The Top 10 Areas of Smart Selling FOCUS!

Who Should Attend – Entire Sales Team including Sales Leaders and Managers

The sales professional of today needs to understand how to navigate an ever changing buyer’s mindset.  The FOCUS that the job needs today is more than ever before.  In this full day program, Gerry will lay out TEN specific areas of FOCUS necessary to capture enhanced results in every area of sales.  Attendees will get a glimpse into what the BEST do (and DO NOT do) every day to come out on top.  This is a fast-paced high-impact day of no BS, in-your-face, real-world sales training!

Building a World Class Sales Organization-Sales Manager Bootcamp

Who Should Attend – Sales Leaders and Manager ONLY

Starting early on Day #2 with the Sales Leaders and Sales Managers from Day #1, Gerry will take several of the strategies and areas of FOCUS from Day #1, and walk the sales manager/leaders into very tried and true ways to get their teams making those appropriate changes.  It is NOT a sales manager’s job to grow sales!!!  It IS a sales manager’s job to grow salespeople.  We work with sales organizations throughout North America, getting paid tens of thousands of dollars to introduce and implement many of the tools that you will receive in this program.  Prepare to WORK because this is Boot Camp. Only CEOs, Presidents, and Sales Leaders.  You will leave with a better blueprint to build a stronger sales organization!

Each seat includes lunch and snacks for that particular day, a copy of Gerry’s top selling book Smart Selling, all training materials, immediate executable tools


  • Not for the timid! If you are not 100% committed to growth, you are invited to stay home.
  • This program is designed to get results. It’s very fast-paced, direct, and will push you to be better.
  • This program will involve pre-event homework for each 2 day participant as well as assignments and exercises during the sessions.
  • This is not a “preach & teach” session.
  • It is a hands-on workshop where all participants will take an ACTIVE role in their progress!
  • All egos need to be checked at the door & cell phones will be turned OFF while in session.
  • Limited seating due to the hands-on interactive training. Maybe move this to another section doesn’t make sense here


  • Immediate executable tools.
  • A copy of Gerry’s top selling book “Smart Selling”.
  • Includes all training materials.
  • Lunch and light snacks will be provided.
  • and much more…..

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