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Five more questions to get to “WHY?”

Take a shovel with you to every sales call this year.

The shovel is not to shovel more of your #%@ on them!  It is to dig a little deeper to get to the answer behind the answer.

Most questions yield  information and data.  Great questions get to the motives behind that information and data.  In other words, instead of just finding out

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • When
  • And how

(And all of these are important), ask FIVE additional questions to get to the WHY!

Rarely does any customer really want to buy or own what you are selling.  They do, however, wish to accomplish, cure or avoid something in their business or personal lives.

Your product or service can most likely help them do that.  Make sure your questions uncover their motivations.

Action Step

Go back to the drawing board and write down the main three or four BENEFITS that your customers receive from your product or service.  What pains will it cure, what problems will it solve, what fears will it offer peace of mind to, what goals will it help accomplish?

Make sure that the things that you list matter to the customer.   Remember also that, with the changing economic environment, customer’s motivations today may be different from last year.  Next, list a series of questions that you will ask to get to the “why” in the conversation.

Dig, dammit! Dig!

Photo by Perfect Picture Pose, via Creative Commons 2.0.