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“How do you do that?”

When you’re at a networking event, you’re going to be asked the question, “What do you do?”

Are you prepared to answer that question?

Because they don’t really care what you do — funny as that sounds. What they’re really asking is, “What could you possibly do that might provide some sort of value to me?”

So, how’s your elevator speech? When somebody says to me, “So you’re with Sales Coach International, what do you?” Well, I don’t say, “We’re speakers and trainers and so forth.”

What I say is: “We coach companies to greater sales and profits.”

The next question that comes out of their mouth is: “How do you do that?”

Now they’re saying, “Oh, OK. I’m curious. You now have my permission to tell me more. I’m interested, and I want to know how you coach companies to greater sales and profits.”

And this is a whole different conversation, isn’t it?

How do you develop an elevator speech that will get them to engage like this?

Here’s how. Ask yourself: “If I were the customer, what would I get out of doing business with me? If I were the customer, what benefit would I receive?”

Think about it, be clear about it, and then embed that benefit in your elevator speech.

When you speak benefits, you are speaking the prospect’s language. When you speak features, and talk about what you do, all you’re doing is talking about you. Customers don’t find you that interesting. Until they find that you are interested.

You show them you’re interested by knowing the benefits that are important to them. Once they’re engaged, then you can discuss who you are, and you can discuss, at that point, how you do what it is that you do.

Now, this may sound like a little thing, but we all get caught up in this. We want to tell what we’ve got to offer. We want to tell what we do. We want to tell them all about how great our stuff is. That’s why we were hired in the first place, right?

If you catch yourself talking more about you, than listening about them, it’s time to reverse that.

The first step is a simple elevator speech that gets them to ask you “How do you do that?”

Go and do it!

Photo by kevindooley, via Creative Commons 2.0.