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It’s not who you know – it’s who knows you

The next step to networking success is brand you. Not brand new, brand you.

You need to create your buzz. How you want to be branded? How do you create the impression you want? What do your business cards look like? Your email signature, what is that buzz phrase, that catch phrase behind you?

We say, “Coaching companies to increase your sales and profits.”

I’ve got a couple others. “Make an impact” is one, my impact phrase. I’ve got another one that says: “Attitude plus skills, plus activity equals success.”

Anybody who’s gotten an email from me knows that that’s in my email signature line. What’s in yours?

How visible are you? How are you branding yourself?

When you’re at a networking event, how often are you getting up and doing one of these little break?out sessions offering some value, presenting yourself and positioning yourself as an expert? How often are you writing the articles that are going in those newsletters. Are you giving the public a chance to know about you?

You need to write. You need to speak. You need to get interviewed. You need to brand yourself as somebody they want to meet, somebody they want to talk to, and here’s the key.

When you mention your name, they go, “Oh, You’re the guy that …” “Oh, You’re the gal that …” If you don’t get that, then chances are you aren’t very branded and you aren’t very visible.

They say in business today, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That’s B.S. It’s not who you know. In sales it’s who knows you.

How are you known? Who knows you out there in the marketplace? How are you branded? Do you want to be more effective with your networking events? Make sure people are seeking you out when you’re there.

It’s a process. It’s not an event. It’s something that could take a year, two years, three years, to develop your brand. But it starts some time. Why not start today?

Photo by loop_oh, via Creative Commons 2.0.