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Listening to add value

Now that you’re listening with intent, it’s time to up the ante: Listen with the intent to respond and add value.

So we’re not just listening to our prospects until they get their point out, and then spewing our point — showing up and throwing up.

We’re listening with the intent to respond and add value. Not reacting.  Actually responding in a thoughtful way to what they’re saying.

So instead of barking out a scripted list of features and benefits, you might respond with:

  • A solution
  • A clarifying question
  • A probing question

Your response is an opportunity to go a little bit deeper. And if you ask the right kind of question, often that will add more value than the solutions you offer.

Because the questions you ask are going to help the customer think from another point of view. It may be the point of view that’s going to help them truly understand what they need to do. You may give them an opportunity to see how you can help create a result that’s different from what they’re doing right now.

Listen with the intent to respond to their questions and ask follow ups.

Listen with the intent to respond with something of value to say that’s relevant to the conversation, not to the order you want to take.

Photo by Rogue Sun Media, via Creative Commons 2.0