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Put the fire in their bellies…

The fire and passion that is present in too few of our salespeople is found in the belly-THE GUT! The best of those managers who run regular sales meetings are acutely aware of the need to inspire that passion and turn on that enthusiasm in order to spark the ACTIVITY necessary for continued sales success.  As a speaker, I see many people get turned on in my sessions.  I see the fire in their eye actually change throughout the day as it grows and the passion becomes reality.  It is then that I KNOW that they will go back to their offices and begin the process of change.

However, it is way too often that I find the results do not match up with the initial ACTION.  Why?  Because firing someone up is not a sometimes thing!  Inspiration is fleeting and inconsistent.  Regular challenges must be made to pull results out of our people and ourselves.  I may inspire and challenge some short-term change in behavior for many in my workshops.  But it is the salesperson with continual reinforcement, continual access to tools and information, continual support, and a continual “shot in the arm (or kick in the butt) that truly has the best shot for long term success.  That needs to come from somewhere because there are not enough human beings out there with the ability to do it for themselves on a regular basis.

So a few parting thoughts for you on your quest to build a better sales meeting process for your organization:

  • Never have a meeting without a PURPOSE!
  • Never “wing it!”  Prepare better for these meetings than you ever did for any sales call in your past.
  • Imagine your people are your customers (They are). How will you get them to “buy” your message?
  • Become a role model for all that you wish to build in your people.  Success breeds success.
  • Never allow meetings to digress into negativity.
  • Save the data for memos. Use your sales meetings to INSPIRE, TEACH, AND GROW your people into superstars!
  • Have FUN!  Lot’s of FUN!  The mind is its most open to change and creativity when it is in a non-threatening, pleasurable, fun environment.

Sales meetings are a vital part of the success of your sales organization. Meetings run the right way can create better communication, camaraderie, enthusiasm, learning, fun, and overall culture.  Meetings run incorrectly (more often the case) are a major cause of miscommunication, interdepartmental divisions, poor attitude, the wrong culture, and thus, poor results with high turnover.  FOCUS on getting this right and the results you desire are not far behind.