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To hear your prospects better, listen on paper

We’re covering how to listen better so that you can serve your prospects and clients better. And the first habit to develop here is listening on paper. How do you ‘listen on paper?’

You write down what your customers are looking for, so you have an actual record of what they want — and there are powerful benefits to this.

You make this a habit by having three essential things with you at all times. The first one is a pen, the second one’s a notebook, and the third is a business card. You know why you need the business card, so let’s address the first two.

Having a pen and a notebook with you shows that you’re there to do business. It indicates that you’re going to jot something down, to take notes, because you or you’re prospect are going to say or do something that is truly noteworthy. You’re going to say something that’s worthy of taking a note, worthy of your attention, worthy of logging.

Beyond appearances, this opens up some freedom for you. How? By listening on paper, you remove the need to memorize the important stuff that just happened. So you don’t have to go over and over the conversation in your head – you’ve captured what was most critical, and now you’re free to move on to the next thing.

Show the customer that your conversation is important enough to jot down a few things. Let’s say, for example, you’re a salesperson who calls on a certain amount of accounts on a regular basis. You might be going in to take a regular order or to find out if they need something different.

If you’re seeing the same customers on a regular basis what if you had a notebook for each one? Every time you go in, you grab that notebook and you jot down the most important things.

Now when you open the page to jot down notes from this meeting, the notes from the previous meeting are there. Those are your opening points. Those are the points and the things you follow up on, the things that you can readdress, showing the customer that you care. It shows them that they’re one of the only people that matters because you thought enough to readdress the things from the last meeting.

Develop the habit of jotting a few things down. You’re going to be amazed at what you’re going to remember. And remember, good ideas, conversational points are things that are going to be important to your customer. And this is why it should be important to you.

Photo by superfem, via Creative Commons 2.0