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Top 10 areas you should be focusing on


  1. GOAL FOCUS – Begin with the end in mind. Know where you are heading, accelerate and stay the course.
  2. RELATIONSHIP FOCUS – Expect to Believe it! “I expect to connect on a sales call because……..”
  3. PREPARATION FOCUS – What happens before the sales call creates what happens during the sales call!
  4. PROCESS FOCUS – Follow a clearly defined path to the close! Write it down and stick with it
  5. VISIBILITY FOCUS – Selling is a contact sport! Get out there and play the game. (Social Media is a must!!)
  6. OWNERSHIP FOCUS – The philosophy of total responsibility. “NO victims! Own it!”
  7. GROWTH FOCUS – “If you ain’t training you ain’t gaining.” Know the ares you need to improve and get training
  8. TOOLBOX FOCUS – Cheating is totally legal! Build a question guide, objection guide, and a success story guide.
  9. FOLLOW-UP FOCUS – Do what you say you are going to do and then plus one! Create a moment of magic!!
  10. ACTION FOCUS – GOYA….GET OFF YOUR ASS! Spend time on ACTION and high payoff activities