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Use Leap Day to LEAP into 2012 Results!

I am currently on a plane this morning to do a workshop in Southern CA today.  While in line at TSA an hour ago, I heard someone complaining that they had to work an extra day this year for free due to the fact that this is a Leap Year.  Obviously, this is a salaried person; not hourly or commission based and certainly not one with a very entrepreneurial mindset.  I would imagine that they would feel differently if February 29th had fallen on a weekend or if it was a paid day off!  I feel that they are looking at Leap Year in a totally wrong way.

Every four years the world is blessed with Leap Year, allowing us to catch up with the Earth’s rotation around the sun.  This extra day on our calendar every four years affords not only the Earth to play a little catch-up, it also allows every person to do a little of the same—should they choose.  What a gift!  What will you do with an extra 24 hours this year?  Here are a few suggestions:

For the salesperson:

  • Call or send a handwritten note to your top 20 clients and thank them for their business over the past three years since the last Leap Year.  I bet no other salesperson will do that.  Have no agenda other than pure Leap Year gratitude!
  • Schedule 2 hours specifically for prospecting 20-30 new major accounts.  This is like found time!  Imagine if you were able to create a new opportunity with it.
  • Get your butt out of bed at 4:00am and WORK until 9:00pm on all of the things that you never seem to get a chance to.  That is 17 hours of Leap Year productivity!

For the Sales Manager:

  • On Tuesday, the 28th, spend a few hours in the morning connecting with all of your sellers to go over their plans for their Leap Day.  Get their heads in the right place about the day making sure they take advantage of it.  (See above)
  • Spend the day in the field with 1-2 of your top salespeople showing them how to make new sales LEAP into their book of business!  Model the behavior you’d like to see every day from them.
  • Get your butt out of bed at 4:00am and WORK until 9:00pm on all of the things that you never seem to get a chance to.  That is 17 hours of Leap Year productivity!

For the Entrepreneur:

  • Use today as a chance to GROW your business!  Connect and add some value to the relationships with your top clients, your top employees, and your top growth initiatives today.  No maintenance today—just GROWTH!
  • Pull out your business plan for the year and make sure that you are at least one sixth of the way to your goal for the year.  Remember, today is a free day for you to gain on it and surpass it.  You only get this once every 4 years!
  • Have a morning ALL-HANDS meeting to “set the stage” for an ultra-productive, over-the-top, kick-ass day!  How about a “Sweat the Small Stuff—Everything Matters” Leap Day?  Perhaps a company-wide contest to see how many new sales dollars can LEAP to the top line?
  • Make Leap Day a super-fun, growth focused day that nobody will ever take for granted.  It’s a freebie!  If this were football, it’s an extra possession to gain yardage or score.  In baseball, it’s an extra “at-bat” to get a runner in scoring position or to hit a home-run.  In golf, it’s a “Mulligan” to get you closer or to make that putt!  In tennis, it’s a third serve to score that ACE.

…and, for all:

  • Use Lead Day as an extra day to give thanks for an extra sunrise and an extra day on this planet to pursue and accomplish your goals.
  • Use Leap day as an extra day to say I Love You to those closest to you.
  • Use Leap Day as a day to invest an extra 24 hours into making YOU a better YOU and the world a better place for our children.

I read an article recently that stated (in Europe) that the extra day on Leap Year will mean an extra 100 million Euros to the economy.  I would assume that similar gains stand to be made all across the world.  This Leap Year, I hope that some of those additional “digits” drop onto your bottom line!