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What are 3 BENEFITS I get from doing business with you???

Customers don’t want your product! They don’t care to own your service! They simply want the benefit of what owning it does for them!
An overused example: All of us who own a power drill do not care to own the drill. At one point in our past, we simply wanted a HOLE! The hole is the benefit that the drill provides.
I perform the following exercise in many of my sessions: Grab a blank piece of paper and very quickly write down the three main BENEFITS of doing business with your company.

Did you do it?…….

If you did (and you are like most of those who go through this exercise), you probably have some of the following words or phrases on the page in front of you: Quality, Service, Reliability, Trust, Dedicated Staff, Technology, Local People Knowledge, Track Record, My Relationships…. Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack

You see, EVERYONE says the same stuff all of the time! We go into the marketplace and tout the benefits of quality, service, and reliability (the holy tri-fecta of sales). Our competition is saying the same things. We all sound too similar. We all sound like we attended the same school of sales. We are all putting ourselves into the same box.
STOP IT! Start telling the customer what these words or phrases (FEATURES) translate to in the form of benefits for them! What does “service” translate into for them? What BENEFIT do I get because of your product’s quality? The answers to these questions will bring the customer closer to the reason that they will buy from you.