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You don’t win by making more calls

Once upon a time, the sales person who made the most calls won.

News flash: Those days are gone!

Today the people who make the most calls are probably the ones who are the least effective. Why? Because, they’re going after activity. They’re going after numbers. They’re saying, “The law of averages is going to take me into the end zone!”

That is not the case. The winner today is the person who’s the most prepared, and the most on top of their game on every call.

You have to be more effective every time you interact with a prospect, whether it’s:
•    A phone call
•    Face-to-face meeting
•    A cold call
•    Following up on a lead
•    Networking
•    Following up on a referral from a client

And that starts, of course, with picking up the phone, and getting in front of people. It starts with you saying “Here’s how many calls I need to make each day,” and staying committed to that.

It does require the right attitude and some self-discipline, which is defined as: Doing what you need to do, when you need to be doing it, whether you want to, or not.

If you’re early in your sales career, maybe prospecting is a major part of your life. If you’re trying to develop a financial book of business, you’re going to need to do some calling on some customers, and make them aware of who you are.

But as you make those calls, are you clear on what your purpose is? What’s the purpose of prospecting? Prospecting is just to capture your customer’s attention, and say, “I’m the guy you need to talk to, I’m the guy.”

So what is the purpose of your call when you are dialing and smiling? It’s not to sell on the phone, is it?

I’ve worked in many sales careers in my life and never once have I had the purpose of selling somebody over the phone. Now if you’re in telesales, maybe you are trying to sell on the phone. But for most sales people, your purpose is to get their attention, get them to listen and get them engaged.

So you need to have a plan before you pick up the phone. You have to have it on the schedule so that you can prepare for it. You’ve got to be of the right head, of the right heart, of the right gut. You’ve got to have the right focus, the right purpose, the right intent and the right end zone.

Your purpose in that first call is just to get somebody’s attention and say, “Hey, I could make a difference in your success. I might be an option for whom you buy your products and services from.”

Photo by AussieGal, via Creative Commons 2.0